Sunday, August 31, 2014

$25 Giftcard Giveway

I am having my first ever contest on my page. Yayyyyy! It has almost been a month, since I started my blog. I am so lucky to have so many people that follow my page. So, I decided to do this contest for you. I could not think of a prize, so I decided that I will giveaway a $25 Amazon giftcard to one lucky follower! Goodluck everyone!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

PPPerfecto Clothing Review

PPPerfecto is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. The company is located in China, and they sell very unique clothing items. Their items can be found on, just search for the name PPPerfecto. OR you can click the PPPerfecto name at the bottom of my blog.

PPPerfecto was so nice enough to sponsor me with some of their clothing! I'm just so grateful they allowed me to try out their clothing items.

"Take Me Anywhere"Casual T-shirt Dress Top

Rating: 5/5

 I received this item within two weeks. I considered that fast for an item from China, since it would normally take a month to receive certain items. The item was wrapped nicely, and arrived with no strange smells or stains. In the description, it says that it fits a Western woman size XS-S. This shirt is more of a sized Large, which is fine with me because I like looser shirts. I am 5'8 and 125 pounds, and this tank top fits about 5 inches below my waist, so its not too short or too long. It would look best paired with short, jeans or black leggings. The shirt is great to wear during hot days. It is a thin cottony material, but it is great quality.The words read, "Take Me Anywhere." The sky on the shirt is absolute beautiful with white and pink clouds. The bottom portion displays beautiful mountains, and trees in the backgrounds. And a white car driving down the street. This shirt is super unique, and absolutely cute. 

My picture of the shirt.

Vintage Spring Summer Series Sleeveless Tank Tops

Rating: 5/5

This item is free size, so it can fit someone that wears from Small to Large. I am 5'8 and 125 pounds, and this tank top fits a little above my mid-thigh It would look best paired with shorts or black leggings. The top portion of the tank top is small and it goes out a little wider at the bottom. So, if you have an extremely larger bust size it might fit awkwardly at the top. The tank top does have a little stretch to it though. The tank top has beautiful pink, yellow and red flowers all over. The words read, "GET OVER IT." This tank is thin, but made of great material. It is great for extremely hot days. This top is very stylish and unique. I actually never seen a top similar to this at all. PPPerfecto has such unique clothing that hard to find elsewhere. This is a type of item I would wash in cold water or hand wash. I would either hand dry it or dry it on a lower setting. This item is at a great price, and definitely worth buying! Five stars from me!

I would like to thank my sponsor PPPerfecto again for sending me these super cute shirts to review. This item can be found on, under the name PPerfecto. There are many other clothing items to choose from. <3  Click the PPerfecto name at the bottom to view the store!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Dresses Wishlist

Hello, everyone! I haven't made a blog about the items on my Wishliat, There are things on my wishlist that I want that are super cute! I do want to buy them in the near future! If you are interested in seeing my entire Wishlist, you can click on my Amazon Review tabs above. Thanks so much for reading! ^_^

  Adventure Time Dress                                                    Sleeveless Flower Pattern Mini Dress


Ice Cream and Kitten Dress

Splice House Sleeveless Dress

Pink dress with straps

Pink and Black Lace Dress with Belt

Kawaii Pink Strawberries and Kittens Dress

Thursday, August 21, 2014

BuyInBulk Review

BuyInBulk is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. It is an storefront that sells many things in bulk for a low price, along with free shipping. Also, the store has single item for low prices with free shipping. The one item I bought from them was not in bulk.

Fashion Multiclolor Handcraft Crystal Rhinestones Women Hairband

Rating 2/5

I bought this item for $2.35 with free shipping, so I was expecting extremely high quality.The model for this headband makes it look glamorous, but it is no where close. It looks like something an Elementary school student would make in art class. Yes, I am placing it on the standard of a child's macaroni art. Why?  They are both quite similar because they are randomly glued. If you are expecting to get daily use, or even once a week use, goodluck. I know eventually the gems on this item will fall off. And the fake gold material surrounding the obvious purple headband is ridiculous! I know this is obviously for someone with hair, but if a bald individual wore this on their head, it would turn a portion of their head green. I've actually seen better headbands at the dollar store. My goodness! If you are ever thinking about this headband, please run for the hills. The only reason why I gave this item a 2 is that the shipping was fast for an item from China, and it was wrapped decently.

Look at it! So faded, dull, and cheap! Buy in Bulk has great products in their store, but this one is a train wreck!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rabbit Rachel Review

Rabbit Rachel was so nice enough to sponsor me with some of their clothing. Rabbit Rachel is a semi- new online store that is based in China. It only took little under 2 weeks for me to receive those items. The company sells a lot of their items on the website. The clothing are very affordable, and very unique/fashionable. 

Women Half Mesh Inset Stripes Footless Legging FFT051 Black S-M

Rating: 4/5

I received these in the mail today from the company Rabbit Rachel. I have to say these are very unique looking leggings. I am 5'8, and I was worried that they would be too short, and they were long enough to fit me. The black portion of the pants, feels like an average pair of leggings material. I love the straps criss-crossing down the legs in the front. The back of the leggings aren't that way at all. The mesh portions of the leggings are more like pantyhose material, it didnt tear or anything when I tried them on. They are very comfortable leggings to wear, and they would look best with a long black sweater or tshirt. I would advise you to either handwash, or wash these leggings in cold water. If you are looking for an edgy or rocker style, you should definitely buy these, they are at a great price.

 I love the Rabbit Rachel tag, it is so kawaii! ^_^ I would like to thank Rabbit Rachel for letting me try out their product. You can find their shop on, and just type in Rabbit Rachel in the search bar. You will find their storefront, and the other items they sell at their store. Thanks so much for reading! Sayonara! ^_^

Hamee Review

Hamee is the International Sales Department of Hamee Corp. Hamee is a company based in Odawara, Japan, specializing in selling Japanese cell phone accessories and gadgets to the world. Hamee carry over 250,000 products on our various online stores, which they own more than 10 stores. 

                                  Juju Chan Plush Doll Cushion

 I was sent this item for review by the seller Hamee, which you can look up in the search  bar on This specializes in selling Japanese products. They contacted me, and allowed me to try out their Juju Chan plush doll. I am a huge collector of Japanese anime and/or gaming character, and this would be perfect for my collection. I finally got a decent enough camera to take wonderful photos of this product. It took a little under 2 weeks to receive this item from Japan, which I consider this to be fast shipping for an item from Japan. This is absolutely a female version of Juju because she has a beautiful red and yellow flower on her head. She is mostly pink and white, other than her black kawaii eyes. There's a Japanese symbol on the back of her, which I am unsure of its meaning. I believe this plush is a steamed bun thats what it resembles to me. It is an average sized stuffed animal, yet it is big enough to use as a mini pillow. It is super soft! You can buy a Juju Chan similar to the one in photo, for around $12 or $13, which includes                                                               shipping. There are smaller version of Juju Chan for less                                                               money, and there are keychains of him/her.

                                                        Rating 5/5 

I would like to thank my sponsor Hamee for sending me Juju Chan to review. This item can be found on, under the name Hamee. There are many other Juju Chans' to choose from. <3

Monday, August 18, 2014

Ichigoods Review #2

Hello all! This is my second review on the China-based company Ichigoods. I finally received the second portion of my order today. I was suppose to receive both order on August 26, 2014, but I received both ordered early! Yay! ^_^

Icibgoods Women Skirt Summer Long Ear Rabbit Print Dress Black

Rating: 4/5

This is a very kawaii dress/gown. It is great to wear, during those hot days, and perfect enough to wear for taller individuals. The shirt reads "LOVE YOU". "SWEET"and has the random letters "I" and "U" So, many beautiful design on this gown, there's colorful stripes, hearts, polka dots, and circles.This shirt is One-size, and it fits me perfectly, and I am 5'8 and 125 pounds. The tags attached to the shirt are in Chinese, so if you don't know Chinese, you won't know how to wash this item. I will personally wash this in cold water, and of course I won't try to iron this at all. I bought this item for exactly $5.48 with free shipping, which is a very cheap price for this item.

Icibgoods Womens Summer Cartoon Moon with Cat Print Dress Black

Rating: 4/5
This is another awesome gown/dress I bought from this seller. It was only $4.94 with free shipping,. The shirt has a huge black cat on it with mini colorful cat shaped heads on the shirt. I have no clue why the item labels it as moon shaped. Maybe its little cat head moons. IDK.  The tags attached to the shirt are in Chinese, so if you don't know Chinese, you won't know how to wash this item. I will personally wash this in cold water, and of course I won't try to iron this at all. I bought this item for exactly $5.48, which is a very cheap price for this item.

Icibgoods Women Girls Skirt Summer Cute Image Printed Colorful Dress


And this is the last item I bought from the seller. It was exactly $4.94 with free shipping. Very kawaii dress/gown. It fits like the other items above. It has a beautiful flowers and on the top. And there are white polka at the bottom. The bear is a light blue color with colorful flowers around his/her head. The baby bear is white and yellow with flowers around its waist. The tag on this item is different, it is heart shaped, yet it still doesnt have any washing instructions at all!

Ichigood is a great company to buy bargain clothes with free shipping. You can check out there store on Just type in Ichigoods in the search bar, and it will show many of their unique/kawaii clothing items. ISayonara everyone! ^_^

Friday, August 15, 2014

Vogue Gallery Review

Vogue Gallery is a China-based store that has hundreds of fashion goods at affordable wholesale prices. You will see their huge range of first-class merchandise from tailored clothing, to many other accessories.

Vogue Gallery was kind of enough to sponsor me. I have to say they have amazing clothing items and accessories in their store. You can find their store by typing in Vogue Gallery on the search bar. I am a fan of unique Japanese clothing items. This actual item has been on my wishlist for months!

Royal Blue Sailor School Uniform Cosplay Costume

Rating: 3.5/ 5

I received this item in under 2 weeks. I am 5'8 and 125 lbs. I was sent the size Large. I am normally a medium/large in American size clothing. The Large in China is a size Medium in the USA.

I really do love this item, it is very well made. 

 I do have longer arms, and the sleeves were perfect, they weren't too short on me at all. If you have a bigger bust size, I do advise you to order 1 or 2 sizes up, so it will fit correctly. The item did not have any strange smells, and did not have any stains. The top portion is a little wrinkled, so steaming it would be great to use on it. There was no tag that tells how you should wash this item. I am guessing it is the type of item that  needs to be dry cleaned.

I like to thank Vogue Gallery for sending me their Sailor Uniform to review. These items can be found on, just search for Vogue Gallery in the search box, and it will reveal all of their items!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Romwe's clothing Review

Romwe is a global fashion retailer that produces street brand fashion, featuring the best street style from cities like New York, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Milan and more! They also have their own production facilities and are able to offer fashion lovers high quality products at affordable prices.

Romwe was kind enough to sponsor me with an item of their clothing. I am so glad it was a Harlequinn inspired item. I am a huge fan of Batman, and DC Comics! <3

Romwe Women's Black and Red Color Poker Pattern Spandex Leggings

Rating: 5/5

I love Romwe's clothing items. You can buy them on or on their website The item was shipped from China and took under 2 weeks to receive. I am a huge fan of DC Comics, and Harlequinn's character from the Batman series. These leggings are great to wear at a Comic convention or just for fun! I am 125 pounds, and 5'8. I ordered the item in a Large, and it fits me perfectly. So, if you are a taller individual, you won't have any problems worrying about, if this item will fit you or not. The material is very stretchy, and the leggings feels like a mixture of soft and smooth. The red and black colors are a little shiny. The black left part of the leggings has a red diamond on it. And the red right part of the leggings has club and hearts on it.

Also, the tag comes with instruction on how to wash these leggings. You can either hand wash or wash them separately with cold water. 

The leggings comes with a Guaranteed Card of Quality. It states, "This card is to guarantee the quality of our product. From the day on which you bought the goods, if you find something wrong with the material or the producing process of products, with this card you are welcome back to our website to get a refund within sixty days. But if the product were damaged just because of your wrong washing methods against our published washing notes, we will be so sorry to refuse your request of refund."

Very unique item, and very stylish. Will definitely wear this with a black Harlequinn t-shirt. <3

Leggings can be purchased here:

I like to thank Romwe for sending me these awesome leggings to review. These items can be found on an be found on or you can view their website 

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ichigoods Review #1

Ichigoods is a clothing company located in China.They are committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

I was online looking for kawaii/cheap nightgowns to wear, and I stumbled on to Ichigoods shop that is located on I am making a two part blog entry about this company, since I am still waiting for the other half of my order that I ordered separately.

Icibgoods Womens Skirt Summer Panda Print Dress Black and White

  Rating: 4/5

I am a huge fan of pandas, and I found this nightgown/summer dress to be the perfect clothing item for me to wear on those hot days lounging around watching anime. <3 I am a 5'8 and 125 pounds, and this dress was long enough to fit down to my mid-thigh. All of the gowns/dresses that are similar to these are labeled with one size. It fits me perfectly, and not too small at all. The back of the dress/gown is all white, and the front is a very nice black and white. The dress wasn't faded at all. The tags on the dress are in Chinese, so there's no way in knowing how to wash this item. The item didn't have any strange smells to it, which I have experienced from a couple other Chinese clothing shops online. I paid exactly $4.97 on this dress/gown, and it came with free shipping. I ordered the item on July 31, 2014, and received it on August 13, 2014. It came way before the estimate shipping time.

                                        (sorry about the lighting. I took this photo at night)

Icihigoods Womens Skirt Summer Glasses Rabbit Print Dress Pink

                                                                 Rating: 4/5  

This is the second nightgown/dress that I bought from Ichigoods. It is a lovely pink dress gown with a huge white bunny answering a yellow phone. The word "who?" is in blue on the upper left side of the dress gown. It is very light weight and will keep you cool during the Summer and Spring time of the year.The back of the dress gown is completely white. This dress gown is also is labeled One size. It is similar to the panda dress gown, and fits down to my mid-thigh. The tags on this dress gown was also in Chinese. I bought this item for $4.98, and it included free shipping.

Ichigood is a great company to buy bargain clothes with free shipping. You can check out there store on Just type in Ichigoods in the search bar, and it will show many of their unique/kawaii clothing items. I can't wait to receive the remaining portion of my orders. Make sure to check back on my blog to see those items. Sayonara everyone! ^_^

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wigs from L-Email Cosplay and Map of Beauty

L-Email Cosplay was so kind enough to sponsor me and allowed me to try out one of their wigs free of charge. L-Email Cosplay is a store on where you will find thousands of wigs and cosplay related items that are offered at incredible wholesale prices. 

Women's Long Straight Student Style Wig + Wig Cap /Wigs Jf010328 (Light Brown)

The description says, "Long Straight Student Style Wig", I disagree. It is more like a semi-short student style wig. The color I was sent didn't look like a Light Brown at all. It was more of a purplish color, which I love very much. The wig is made of great material, it doesn't feel synthetic at all. It is very soft and smooth like real hair. I wasn't too fond of the two stiff portions of the hair on top. It just would not stay up like it does on the original picture posted on the site. You can always try to clip it down with bobby pins if you don't like the top portion. I did flattened down the sides of the wig, it can be fluffed out on the sides like in the pictures. You can also wear the bangs to the sides if you like. The back was long enough to fit down to the mid-portion of my neck. The wig did come with a wig cap, which is always awesome. Overall this is a great cosplay wig, if you decide to wear it with a Japanese schoolgirls uniform. This wig will bound to last longer than other wigs because it will most likely not get tangled so easily. Very fast shipping for this item. I received it less than a week! And it was very nicely packaged!

Rating: 4/5
My photos wearing the wig.

I like to thank L-email cosplay for sending me this awesome wig to review. This item can be found on, under the name L-email cosplay. Or you can go on the website, where you will find thousands of wigs and cosplay related items offered at incredible wholesale prices.

Map of Beauty is a large-scale with over 5 years of trade history. They mainy produce watches, dresses and wigs. They do worldwide business including Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. All od their products undergo strict inspection to ensure high quality.

MapofBeauty Special Natural Medium Length Curly Wigs Flat Bangs Wigs-Black-Ladies

Rating: 4/5

I bought this wig for $6.19 with free shipping. This item was shipped to me from China, so it took 2 weeks and a half to receive this wig. It was very neatly packaged in a Map of Beauty bag, and came with a wig cap inside. This wig looks very high-quality and non-synthetic compared to many wigs I have bought in the past. The hair is very straight, and the bottom of the wig is very curly. You can wear the bangs straight down or to the side. The wig isn't super shiny, so it doesn't look fake at all. I do worry about it might being tangled in the future. I would advise anyone buying this wig to invest in a wig brush or a wig stand to keep it from tangling. Overall, it was a great wig for it price. Check out MapofBeauty for other low price wigs, and accessories.

Photo of me wearing the wig.