Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hamee Review

Hamee is the International Sales Department of Hamee Corp. Hamee is a company based in Odawara, Japan, specializing in selling Japanese cell phone accessories and gadgets to the world. Hamee carry over 250,000 products on our various online stores, which they own more than 10 stores. 

                                  Juju Chan Plush Doll Cushion

 I was sent this item for review by the seller Hamee, which you can look up in the search  bar on This specializes in selling Japanese products. They contacted me, and allowed me to try out their Juju Chan plush doll. I am a huge collector of Japanese anime and/or gaming character, and this would be perfect for my collection. I finally got a decent enough camera to take wonderful photos of this product. It took a little under 2 weeks to receive this item from Japan, which I consider this to be fast shipping for an item from Japan. This is absolutely a female version of Juju because she has a beautiful red and yellow flower on her head. She is mostly pink and white, other than her black kawaii eyes. There's a Japanese symbol on the back of her, which I am unsure of its meaning. I believe this plush is a steamed bun thats what it resembles to me. It is an average sized stuffed animal, yet it is big enough to use as a mini pillow. It is super soft! You can buy a Juju Chan similar to the one in photo, for around $12 or $13, which includes                                                               shipping. There are smaller version of Juju Chan for less                                                               money, and there are keychains of him/her.

                                                        Rating 5/5 

I would like to thank my sponsor Hamee for sending me Juju Chan to review. This item can be found on, under the name Hamee. There are many other Juju Chans' to choose from. <3

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