Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Rabbit Rachel Review

Rabbit Rachel was so nice enough to sponsor me with some of their clothing. Rabbit Rachel is a semi- new online store that is based in China. It only took little under 2 weeks for me to receive those items. The company sells a lot of their items on the website. The clothing are very affordable, and very unique/fashionable. 

Women Half Mesh Inset Stripes Footless Legging FFT051 Black S-M

Rating: 4/5

I received these in the mail today from the company Rabbit Rachel. I have to say these are very unique looking leggings. I am 5'8, and I was worried that they would be too short, and they were long enough to fit me. The black portion of the pants, feels like an average pair of leggings material. I love the straps criss-crossing down the legs in the front. The back of the leggings aren't that way at all. The mesh portions of the leggings are more like pantyhose material, it didnt tear or anything when I tried them on. They are very comfortable leggings to wear, and they would look best with a long black sweater or tshirt. I would advise you to either handwash, or wash these leggings in cold water. If you are looking for an edgy or rocker style, you should definitely buy these, they are at a great price.

 I love the Rabbit Rachel tag, it is so kawaii! ^_^ I would like to thank Rabbit Rachel for letting me try out their product. You can find their shop on, and just type in Rabbit Rachel in the search bar. You will find their storefront, and the other items they sell at their store. Thanks so much for reading! Sayonara! ^_^


  1. That legging is unique and pretty, I really like it! Will definitely check them out.

    I also just join your site, would you mind doing the same for me? Thank you! xx

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    1. Thanks. They are definitely different. lol

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