Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Wigs from L-Email Cosplay and Map of Beauty

L-Email Cosplay was so kind enough to sponsor me and allowed me to try out one of their wigs free of charge. L-Email Cosplay is a store on Amazon.com where you will find thousands of wigs and cosplay related items that are offered at incredible wholesale prices. 

Women's Long Straight Student Style Wig + Wig Cap /Wigs Jf010328 (Light Brown)

The description says, "Long Straight Student Style Wig", I disagree. It is more like a semi-short student style wig. The color I was sent didn't look like a Light Brown at all. It was more of a purplish color, which I love very much. The wig is made of great material, it doesn't feel synthetic at all. It is very soft and smooth like real hair. I wasn't too fond of the two stiff portions of the hair on top. It just would not stay up like it does on the original picture posted on the site. You can always try to clip it down with bobby pins if you don't like the top portion. I did flattened down the sides of the wig, it can be fluffed out on the sides like in the pictures. You can also wear the bangs to the sides if you like. The back was long enough to fit down to the mid-portion of my neck. The wig did come with a wig cap, which is always awesome. Overall this is a great cosplay wig, if you decide to wear it with a Japanese schoolgirls uniform. This wig will bound to last longer than other wigs because it will most likely not get tangled so easily. Very fast shipping for this item. I received it less than a week! And it was very nicely packaged!

Rating: 4/5
My photos wearing the wig.

I like to thank L-email cosplay for sending me this awesome wig to review. This item can be found on Amazon.com, under the name L-email cosplay. Or you can go on the wig-supplier.com website, where you will find thousands of wigs and cosplay related items offered at incredible wholesale prices.

Map of Beauty is a large-scale with over 5 years of trade history. They mainy produce watches, dresses and wigs. They do worldwide business including Europe, North and South America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. All od their products undergo strict inspection to ensure high quality.

MapofBeauty Special Natural Medium Length Curly Wigs Flat Bangs Wigs-Black-Ladies

Rating: 4/5

I bought this wig for $6.19 with free shipping. This item was shipped to me from China, so it took 2 weeks and a half to receive this wig. It was very neatly packaged in a Map of Beauty bag, and came with a wig cap inside. This wig looks very high-quality and non-synthetic compared to many wigs I have bought in the past. The hair is very straight, and the bottom of the wig is very curly. You can wear the bangs straight down or to the side. The wig isn't super shiny, so it doesn't look fake at all. I do worry about it might being tangled in the future. I would advise anyone buying this wig to invest in a wig brush or a wig stand to keep it from tangling. Overall, it was a great wig for it price. Check out MapofBeauty for other low price wigs, and accessories.

Photo of me wearing the wig.

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