Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pinky Paradise Halloween 50% off code and MY HALLOWEEN COSTUME!!

PinkyParadise is the largest online circle lens store. They believe circle lens is more than just colored contact lens, it redefines the beauty boundaries of eye makeup. Even more, it tells people who you are. Your eyes speak with PinkyParadise.

I am providing all of my followers with a 50% off PinkyParadise Coupon code. All you have to do is fill in the coupon code Halloween2014kimchi  before checking out of your purchase.

                          Click here to view the site
  1. This code is only applicable to lenses (except Phantasee series, monthly lenses and Toric - Astigmatism lenses). Any other products such as cosmetics will not be included.

  2. This code can only be used for one time purchase per customer and cannot be used with any other coupon code.

  3. This code expired on 6th October 2014 (World Time).

  4. You are strictly not allowed to share the code on coupon sharing sites or any sites similar.


Pikachu Cosplay Costume

I will order this Pikachu Cosplay Costume to wear for Halloween. It is sold by the seller Ninimour, and the costume is priced at $19.50 with free shipping.
You can buy this costume HERE

Yellow Claw Shoes

These shoes will match perfectly with the Pikachu costume. They are also from the seller Ninimour on The prices of the shoes are between $10.67- $13.99 with free shipping.
You can buy the shoes HERE

G&G Xxtra Larger Hyper Size Circle Black Lenses

These contact lenses are from the PinkyParadise online shop. They will be perfect to use with my Pikachu costume because they will give me a cutesy/kawaii anime type eyes. They are currently $25.90 and the code at the top of this blog will make the circle lenses half off.

You can buy the lenses HERE

I hope you guys/gals will check out and take an advantage of the 50% off coupon.

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Etosell Clothing Review

Etosell is a clothing shop on Etosell mainly specializes in women clothing and swimwear. They offer excellent after sales service, competitive prices, and fast shipping. They believe that their customers satisfaction is their responsibility.

I ordered this item on September 4, 2014, and received it on September 18, 2014. I considered this very fast shipping for an item that came from China!

R I P Diet All Over Print Cupcake Top

Length: 63cm/24.810"
Bust: 104cm/40.84"
Shoulder: 40cm/15.75"
Sleeve: 58cm/22.83"
Weight: approx 240g

I've seen this top on many different stores through out the internet. It was always super pricey. I saw it on Etosell's store on for $11.38 with free shipping. That's more than half the price on other shops and websites. I do not consider this top to be a sweater or sweatshirt at all. It is more of a cotton fiber blend and nothing like the material of a sweatshirt.
This top fits a medium woman. If you are a US size 8 or UK size this should fit you fine. 

You have to watch out for the shirts arm length though. I do have longer arms, and it fits above my wrists, so it doesn't go all the way down. For example: If I am wearing a watch it would fit around 2 inches above the watch. I have seen many reviews for this top, where people would either roll up the arms of the top, or wear a cardigan/hoodie/coat over top. I am 5'8 and 125 pounds. The top fits down to my waist. The shoulder length was fine for me. 

The colors of the top are very beautiful and vibrant. The front of the shirt reads "R.I,P. DIET" in capitalized letters.

The top was attached with the companies brand named "Goth loli" I actually never heard of that brand name in my life. I tried to search for it, and came up with nothing.

On the other side of the tag, reads the washing/drying instruction for this clothing item. Do not bleach. Hand wash cold. Medium iron. Wash at 30 degree C.

You can check out more of Etosell's clothing items HERE

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Walmart Under $5.00 Clearance Haul

Hello again! I went to Walmart last night and they had tons of things on Clearance. I saw three items that I really wanted, so I bought them~ They were all $5.00 and below.

I have been a huge fan of Archie Comics, since I was a kid. I was so thrilled when saw these at Walmart.I found these awesome Archie socks that also features Betty and Veronica They were only $2.97 for three pairs of socks.The socks are No-show socks, and fits an American shoe size 4-10. The socks are 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex. These socks can be machine wash cold with like colors. Only non-chlorine bleach when needed. Tumble dry low. Do not iron.

The first pair of socks are teal blue with white dots with Archie wearing a Riverdale sweater vest and white dress shirt with the name Archie on the side of the socks in orange lettering.

The second pair of aocks are black and white with Archie's face and name below.

And finally, the last pair of socks are teal blue and pink with Betty and Veronica with hearts above their heads. It reads Archie's Girls on the side of the socks.

Archie 3 pack of socks

These are great socks to buy if you are an Archie Comics fan. And it is hard to pass on the price.

I found a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shirt for only $5.00 on the clearance rack. I normally wear a size Medium, but I could only find size Small, Large and X-Large. So, I grabbed the Large, even though it is kinda baggy on me. The shirt in length does come up a little short. Its not crop top short, but its not completely below my waist like most of my shirts that I own. The shirt has a very pastel color, which looks unique compared to typical TMNT shirt that are a dark green color. It is a shirt I would probably wear around the house. I wouldnt wear a boxy tee shirt outside of the house. I dont see the orginal price on this shirt, but I know for certain Walmart tends to sell their graphic tees for $7.50 each, and so I saved $2.50 on this shirt.

TMNT pastel colored shirt
This is shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is made in Mexico. Machine wash cold with like colors. Only Non-chlorine bleach. Tumble dry low. Do not iron if decorated. Do not dry clean if decorated,

I was digging through the Clearance rack like a mad woman. lol. And I stumbled on to this Pikachu shirt. It was only for $5.00. I was like "YAY!" I needed a new Pikachu shirt, since I haven't bought a new one in like 7 years, I got this shirt in a Large because a Medium was no where to be found. I guess the Medium sized shirts are the first to go. :( The shirt is a beautiful bright yellow, and Pikachu's cheeks are a bright colored red. I love this shirt so much.

Bright Yellow Pikachu Shirt

The shirt is 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It is made in Mexico. The shirt needs to be machine wash cold with like colors and you must only use non-chlorine bleach, Tumble dry low. Do not iron if decorated, do not dry clean if decorated.

Make sure to check out Walmart's clearance rack. Everything is $5.00 and under. Last year, I have gotten things for a dollar each. It depends on each location of Walmart you visit. Thanks so much for visiting my blog! Sayonara! ^_^

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Giveaway Win from Youtuber Mynameiskayra

I just received my contest win from a Youtuber by the name of MynameisKayra. It came all the way from the Netherlands!!! She has been a Youtuber for a couple of months or so, and she tends to vlog/blog about beauty and fashion items.

My camera was unable to show the letter that came with the package. It reads. "Congratualations with winning the giveaway! I would've wrapped it nicer for you...but it turns out I suck at wrapping gifts. I really hope you enjoy your prizes despite the crappy packaging, haha!" Love, kayraisabella.blogspot


I personally think the wrapping paper is absolutely beautiful. And I think she is a better wrapper than I am! haha. I know everyone is curious about the items!

Purple Sparkly Nail Polish by  Yes Love
Light Blue Sparkly Nail Polish by Yes Love
Green Colour Hair Chalk by Yes Love
Crystal Nail by Eloiven
Colorful Compact Mirror

Youtuber/Blogger Mynameiskayra describes each item from the giveaway in her video.


Thanks so much Kayra for the contest giveaway! You guys/gals should subscribe to her Youtube channel: mynameiskayra. And follow her on Blogger: kayraisabella.blogspot

She has up two new videos of her New York Shopping hauls on her page! Check it out now! ^_^

Friday, September 12, 2014

SheCloth Clothing Wishlist is an online boutique specializing in selling high-quality women's clothing. has grown to become one of the leading fashion retailers in the world. Curated with a chic, modern woman in mind. Shecloth offers a comprehensive collection of deigner apparel and the latest top brand fashion to the fashion lovers.

It is a website that consist of high quality clothing for affordable prices. I have exactly four dresses on my wishlist.




If you sign-up for an account with the company, you will automatically receive 20% off on your first purchase. It is definitely a online shop to check out. Each items on I posted on this blog post, you can click on the word, and it will direct you to the product. Thanks for reading! ^_^