Saturday, September 13, 2014

Drugstore Cosmetics Giveaway Win from Youtuber Mynameiskayra

I just received my contest win from a Youtuber by the name of MynameisKayra. It came all the way from the Netherlands!!! She has been a Youtuber for a couple of months or so, and she tends to vlog/blog about beauty and fashion items.

My camera was unable to show the letter that came with the package. It reads. "Congratualations with winning the giveaway! I would've wrapped it nicer for you...but it turns out I suck at wrapping gifts. I really hope you enjoy your prizes despite the crappy packaging, haha!" Love, kayraisabella.blogspot


I personally think the wrapping paper is absolutely beautiful. And I think she is a better wrapper than I am! haha. I know everyone is curious about the items!

Purple Sparkly Nail Polish by  Yes Love
Light Blue Sparkly Nail Polish by Yes Love
Green Colour Hair Chalk by Yes Love
Crystal Nail by Eloiven
Colorful Compact Mirror

Youtuber/Blogger Mynameiskayra describes each item from the giveaway in her video.


Thanks so much Kayra for the contest giveaway! You guys/gals should subscribe to her Youtube channel: mynameiskayra. And follow her on Blogger: kayraisabella.blogspot

She has up two new videos of her New York Shopping hauls on her page! Check it out now! ^_^