Thursday, October 23, 2014

The King's HeartBeat CD Review

I am a huge fan of Walker Hornung's music. If you don't know Walker Hornung, he is a  singer/musician that lives in New York. He was in several bands Q-South, Walker and the Brotherhood of the Grapes, and did numerous of collaberations with other singers, songwriters and musicians. If you never heard of his music, you should definitely Youtube or Google it. He is very talented!

He sent me a copy of his latest cd, along with a letter. The letter states:

"This is the latest Pop/Rock/Reggae intenitionally that way. Dig. Not Q-South but I'm doing the only thing I know how to . Write songs and sing them"

Cheers, Walker

I am absolutely stoked that one of my favorite singers/songwriter/musician took the time to not only write me a letter, but to send me a copy of his cd to review. 


CD Tracks:
1. Everyday Situation (Dixon/Gilbert/Hornung)
2. Don't Leave Me Here (Dixon/Gilbert/Hornung)
4. Mine Forever (Hornung)
5. I can't Wait (Dixon/Gilbert/Melendez
6. Don't Take Your Love Away (Dixon/Gilbert/Hornung)
7. Garden of My Mind (Mark/Waller/Gilbert)
8. Get Fucked Up (Dixon/Gilbert/Hornung)


It is a mixture of  different genres as Walker mentioned in the letter. And this cd diefinitely proves that he can sing any type of music, no matter what the genre is. "Don't Leave Me Here" is my favorite song on the cd because it reminds me of the rock and roll music he normally does. I love the mixture of reggae and pop in certain songs on the cd. It has that Sublime/No Doubt feel to it. I wish the cd featured more than 8 songs though. A majority of the cds I own by Walker has more than 8 tracks. The individuals that he collab with sounded amazing. I will definitely research more of their music.

If you are interested in buying thiis cd you can buy it on:

If you are interested in Walker Hornung's music, you can find all of his cds and information on him at website:

Thanks so much for reading! ^_^

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