Wednesday, December 24, 2014

AMBW book purchases on

I received my AMBW books from It is amazing how many interracial romance books between a Black woman and Asian man are now sold on Amazon. I definitely want to individually review each book on my blog next year. I just wanted to share on my blog the wonderful books I received in the mail. And if you are interested in picking up books from these authors the links are below! ^_^

J-Pop Love Song Paperback 

"African American Charlene Alfred, a 41-year-old writer is about to have her first best selling novel "Blu's Diary" turned into an internationally released miniseries which features a jaded Japanese rock star that has hit rock bottom. Her manager gives her an ultimatum: use the Japanese lead actor of their choice or forget the project.\nWhen 24-year-old Japanese pop sensation known as "Kane" hears that the writer he's always admired, strongly believe he's too young for the crucial role, he makes it his mission to change her mind; only to find that there is a connection between him and this woman that defies all reasoning and logic. The building of emotions and passions between these two characters keeps you almost breathless as you journey to the beautifully exotic city of Tokyo, mixed with new technology and old traditions. Come and experience this amazing love story that will put two careers in jeopardy and two lives in danger as possessiveness, buried secrets, and lies, are exposed. Will love be enough to fight the ghosts of the past?"

Honey Flava Hardcover – May 27, 2008

"Honey Flava features an erotic feast of short stories with enough Asian flava to ignite fireworks. With an African American and Asian mix of sexy characters, Zane picks the most clever and bold male and female writers to deliver a collection like no other. Stories like Geisha Girl and Pins and Needles give tea and acupuncture a whole new meaning, and the word "Master" is a term of endearment in The Meaning of Zhuren. In tantalizing portraits of some of the hottest -- and sweetest -- scenes you'll ever want to experience, Honey Flava will take you to a sensual paradise of no return.
Zane delivers a new and special taste, proving that passion and sensuality have truly universal meaning."

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