Friday, December 19, 2014

Mondaynoon Bracelet and Necklace Review

Mondaynoon Jewelry has been a leader in quality online jewelry for over 9 years. And it's no surprise why. They take pride in providing outstanding customer service and responding promptly to their customers' needs. They also work hard, year after year, to improve our selection and quality of the products we carry. 

I received my necklace and bracelet in exactly 10 days. Very fast shipping for an item from China! The necklace and bracelet arrived in a lovely blue and white mini box that has a navy blue ribbon on top. Great packaging!

Comes in an awesome navy blue and white box with a bow on top!

Mondaynoon Swarovski Elements "Forever Love" Women's Crystal Dual Heart Shape Pendant Necklace, 15.7+1.9"

$16.99 FREE Shipping 

I received the necklace in alloy. It is a beautiful shiny silver color that looks very expensive. The faux crystal on the side of the heart are the perfect touch. The mini heart inside of the big necklace is able to come out and be worn alone. So, it is like having two necklaces for the price of one.

I recognized no fading in the necklace, and I have absolute no allergic reaction to it. This necklace is the perfect present to give to someone on their birthday or the holidays.

The necklace is very high quality and at a very low price. It is definitely worth a buy!

Mondaynoon" Elegant Lady" Swarovski Elements Women's Bangle Crystal Bracelet

$13.99 + $5.99 shipping

The bracelet is all metal, which makes it look more classy and expensive. I did not receive a rope bangle, but one that was all silver metal. Which is a lot better than rope because it won't tear!

There are two sizes of the bangle:
Small size : Approximate inside diameter: 5.5x4.5cm ;
Big size : Approximate inside diameter: 6x5cm

I ordered the Big Size I wear the bangle below my wrist, so it doesn't dangle all over the place. The bracelet was suppose to be in red, but it is actually an orange color. I do love the false diamonds around the orange gem. It is absolutely beautiful. The silver metal is very sturdy, which is a great thing!

I provided some photos of the item down below!

I received a Thank You card from the company! It was quite thoughtful!

If you are interested in other Mondaynoon products, you can check out there store HERE:


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