Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rilakkuma San-x Wall Hanging Storage Bag 3 Pockets 3 Designs REVIEW


I ordered the Rilakkuma-san bear version of the storage bag. It took around two weeks for me to receive my item. You have to understand the item was shipped from China. I was hoping it would be bigger, since in the photo it looks huge. It was big enough to smaller items like my cellphone, deodorant, and facial care items.

The top portion of the bears' head is extremely soft like a plushy. The arms of the bears are flappy movable and soft. The backing of the item is made of the same soft material. The plastic that holds the material is very steady. There's a rope/string that allows you to hang the item up the wall or in your closet.

I bought this item for exactly $8.41 with free shipping!

Here's a picture of what mine looks like!

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