Saturday, December 27, 2014

White Hooded Buttons Pockets Cape Coat REVIEW

White Hooded Buttons Pockets Cape Coat REVIEW

US $13.33 (Sale)


I bought this item on sale for $13.33 from, which included free shipping worldwide. It took around a week and a half for me to receive this item. I consider that to be fast shipping for an item from China. I am 5'8 and around 125-135 pounds. This item is labeled One Size and it fitted me. This  item is a cape/cloak meaning there's no sleeves or place to put your arms. It is made of a soft plush material and super warm. There's super kawaii animal ears on the top of the cape. It has very sturdy black button going down the front of the cape. The cape fits down to my lower waist. It is definitely worth the price. I love unique items, and this is a great item to add ton your wardrobe!

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