Saturday, December 20, 2014

Women Devil Horns Cat Ear Crochet Braided Knit Ski Wool Hat Cap REVIEW


I ordered this on Amazon from a seller by the name of Leegoal. The sellers store is located in China I ordered this item on November 25, 2014, and received it on December 19, 2014. I've seen this type of hat all over the internet and I finally decided that I must have it. It comes in a varily different colors. I choose the black one because it can match any outfit I wear. The hat is only $4.22 with free shipping!

The hat is made of strong wooly cotton material. It is super kawaii and warm for those cold months! There's cotton in the ears so they don't flap around.

Here's a picture of me wearing the hat!

If you are interested in this hat, you can check out Leegoal's store on Amazon.

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