Sunday, January 4, 2015

"Magic Bean" Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings AND "Eternal Love" Swarovski Teardrop Necklace REVIEW

I am reviewing two jewelry items I received on from the company Mondaynoon.

" Magic Bean" Swarovski Elements Austrian Crystal Drop Earrings 


The quality of this jewelry is absolutely amazing for such a cheap price. I received the red Magic Bean Swarovski Crystal Drop Earrings. I love the detailing around the red crystal and I love how they sparkle. The silver portion of the earrings are nicely polished and very shiny, which makes these earrings look extremely elegant The earrings aren't too small or too big, they are perfect and others are able to see them without squinting.

I chose the red because I own many red dresses to wear with this necklace.

The earrings came inside of a beautiful mini navy blue and white gift box. A small jewerly bag also came with the order. This would make a great birthday/ special occasions gift for someone you love!

"Eternal Love" Swarovski Teardrop Necklace


I absolutely love this necklace! I received mine in red, even though it looks more like an orange-red color.The crystal creates a very beautiful shine that willl draw a lot of attention. It fits on my neck perfectly. The necklace isnt too clunky or too small, it is just right! The price is also just right.Very high quality piece of jewerly to own that will make your outfit look extremely elegant.

The necklace was placed in a mini navy blue and white gift box and also came with a small jewerly bag! This necklace is a must buy!

If you are interested in Mondaynoon Jewelry, you can find there shop on HERE

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