Sunday, January 4, 2015

OASAP'S Brown Emotion Icon Pattern (DOMO-KUN) Sweatshirt REVIEW

I received this item to review via the free trial center on online clothing store.


I absolutely love this long sleeved shirt. I am a huge fan of Domo-kun! The clothing item is shipped all the way from China, and it took around a week and a half to receive. The item was well packaged and did not have any packaging flaws. I am 5'8 and ranging between 130-145 pounds with longer arms. This long sleeved shirt is labeled "One Size" and it was able to fit me perfectly.

On the website, the item is labeled as a "sweatshirt." It is not made out of sweatshirt material. It is made of polyester, which allows the long sleeved shirt to become stretchy.

My shirt wasn't quite dark brown, it is more like a medium brownish color, even though it may appear lighter in the sunlight.

This is the type of item that would be best to hand wash and hang dry. If you have to place it in the washing machine, it would be best to wash in very very cold water. I wouldn't even try to place this item in the dryer because it will shrink, due to the type of material. If you are a Domo-Kun fan, you should definitely buy this long sleeved shirt. 

It is definitely worth the price! You can check out many more of items HERE

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