Saturday, March 28, 2015

WS DEAR: Corpse Bride Dress Review

 WS Dear clothing site was kind enough to let me review an item of clothing from their store. I am a huge fan of  Tim Burton's Corpse Bride movie and had to pick up this dress. The item comes from China and I was able to receive it in the mail in 1 and a half week.

The dress has both characters from the movie on the front and back. The dress is made of a silky-like material. I did place this item in the washer and dryer before I wore it. And it did not shrink up whatsoever. The dress was labeled One Size. I am 5'8 and 135 pounds and this dress was long enough to fit me.

You can find  many cheaper items for $9.99 with free shipping on the clothing site.

Thanks so much for reading! ^_^

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