Thursday, April 9, 2015

Avber Handbag Review

I would like to thank Avber for allowing me to review some of their items from their store! You can find there store HERE

Avber PU Leather Woven Pattern Women's Handbag

 I absolutely love this purse! This is a great high quality bag to take to the office or a special night out. I absolutely love the high quality material of the bag. It is made out of a leather woven material I love the brown snake-like material design on the straps and at the bottom of the purse.

. I love that it comes with an all black strap, so you can wear it as a handbag or shoulder bag.

The bag is Length:13in Width :5.1in and Height.:9.8in weight:1.04Kg. I love how there are several different compartments within the bag. And on the back of the purse there's a zipper, so you can have a quick access to your cellphone, change, ticket, etc.

Avber PU Leather Cross Body Women's Handbag

This is a very high quality bag. You can wear this bag on your shoulder or across your body. It comes with a strap within the bag that you can very easily attach! There are snap buttons on the left and right side of the bag that can allow you to give your bag a more concave look. There are two large zipper compartments within the purse. I had no issues with the zippers at all. The zippers easily glides open and close without any fear of it because stuck.There's also a small zippered pouch compartment which allows me to hold change. There is a golden ring outside of the purse that will allow me to clip my keys on. The item is made of a strong sturdy PU leather, and it is definitely built to last.

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  1. What amazing bags! I especially like the second one.