Thursday, April 30, 2015 Leopard bookbag Review

I was contacted by to review one of their awesome book bags. As you know, I am a huge fan of unique items. And I would like to thank for allowing me to review such an awesome/unique product.

I love this Leopard bookbag. The front of the backpack has beautiful rainbow camouflage colors. Great details! You can see the companies FORUDESIGNS logo on the bottom right hand corner. The front of the bookbag is made out of polyester material. I am a taller individual, and I am able to use this bag. This bookbag is geared towards teenagers and young adults.

Dimensions :

11.41" L x 18.50" H x 5.51" W

This item is big enough to hold heavy books, and great for high school and college students!

There are several zipup and non-zipup on the inside of the bag. The bag has a dark red interior along with small logo symbols as part of the design. The inner backing of the inside of the bag is a black velvet material. You can also see the brand tag sewn within the bag.

The bag has a beautiful black backing. The back of the bag has very strong straps that are adjustable. There's a mini company logo on the upper middle portion of the bag.

This bookbag has two side pockets that are mostly identical, except the right side of the bag has the brand logo.

There's also a pocket at the very top that you can hold smaller items!

If you are interested in the bag that I reviewed, you can check it out HERE


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