Friday, April 17, 2015

iLoveCos® Professional Makeup Brush 10 Piece Collection Review

I was contacted by ILOVECOS to review one of their products. I was so excited to review these brushes because they are super kawaii.

The shipping was super fast. I was able to receive my item in under one week. When I opened the package, I realized that the makeup brush collection came in a pink drawstring bag that reads, "ILOVECOS" and the phrase "ILOVECOS: To Make You Younger and More Beautiful." It also has a picture of a lady on the front.


1.Round Blending Brush---Powder Foundation 

2.Angled Blending Brush---Foundation around Your nose and mouth 

3.Flat Blending Brush---Foundation around Your nose and mouth 

4.Tapered Contouring Brush---Conceal around Your eyes and nose 

5.Angled Contouring Brush---Blush and Bronzer 

6.Small Tapered Contouring Brush---Conceal on rounded areas like Your nose 

7.Small Flat Blending Brush---Conceal under eyes and around Your nose 

8.Small Round Blending Brush---eye shadow and primer 

9.Small Angled Contouring Brush---Contouring hollows of cheek and sides of Your nose 

10. Small Angled Blending Brush--- Stipple conceal and blemishes 

The brushes are very high quality, and very easy to use. I love how each brush is individually inscribed in gold with the company's name "ILOVECOS." The color of the brushes are a beautiful dark pink. This product is great to use for everyday use.

Care Tips: 
Wash Your Brushes with a quality Brush Cleanser like the Beauty Blender Cleanser before your first use and at least once a week after it if you use the them every day.(Please no not heat these brushes once washed, just leave the brushes in the open air to dry them)

You can find this product and other ILOVECOS products HERE

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