Thursday, April 30, 2015

Kiloline 3-in-1 Portable Hair Straightener Flat Iron / Crimping Iron / Curling Iron With Comb REVIEW

Hello readers! ^_^ I was contacted by Kiloline to review one of their products. I would like to think Kiloline for allowing me to review this item!

 I've never own a 3 in 1 hair tool item in my life. So, this was my first time ever trying one.

Technology Description:
LED Display
Colors: White / Red
Plywood material:Ceramic Coated Plate
Power Cord:2M
Dual Voltage:110-240V 50/60Hz for world-wide use
Adjustable temperature: from 280 - 400°F
360° swivel cord

Once I opened the box, I was expecting a red hair tool and not a pink one. I am not complaining, since I think it looks super cute in pink. And pink is one of my favorite colors ever!

The hair tool comes with a free hair clip and a store bag. I wish they provided more than one hair clip though.

I have to say this is a very awesome 3 in 1 hair tool. I am able to curl my hair with the curling iron, use the flat iron for straightening my hair, add crimples ,or I could use the hot brush to straighten my hair. And I don't have to worry about plugging in multiple different styling tools to do that.

The temperature is adjustable. I can heat it up anywhere from between 280 degrees to 400 degrees. It takes about half an hour before it automatically shuts off. The nylon bristles are comfortable, when I am styling my hair. The ceramic coated plate helps protect my hair from getting damaged.

This is item is a must buy!

You can buy this item HERE

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