Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sheinside and Walmart Mail Haul! ^_^

Hello readers! ^_^ I just wanted to make a post about a couple of things I received in the mail from Sheinside and Walmart. I thought these items were super kawaii and at such a great price!

My items arrived in this package. I have Hello Kitty Mermaid there to block out my personal information! <3 The package arrived in a little over a weekend. I was jumping for joy when I received this package.

The clothing items both were placed in plastic sleeves, so it would protect it from getting damage. Excellent packaging!

The first item was $7.99 on store. It is a Black Sleeveless Dinosaur print shirt. I saw this and absolutely fell in love with it. I love the details of the items, the dinosaur seems like it's popping out of the shirt. I am all for unique items, and this definitely one I had to buy. It came in One Size. I am around 135 pounds and 5'8. It fitted me perfectly. I know people have an issue with if a shirt on this site will fit them or not. It is 68 cm long which fits below my waist for someone my height.

You can buy this item HERE

 I am a huge fan of comic books, and I had to get this shirt. The shirt was $7.99. An amazing price for a unique shirt! I love how it has different names of older comics. (possibly in the 50s) The colors are so bright and bold.  This shirt is an eye-catcher and very unique. It definitely fits my style of clothing. The material is lightweight and perfect for Summer and Spring weather. This shirt is 68 cm in length, which fits slightly below my waist for someone my height. (5'8) This has been one of my new favorite shirts.

You can buy this item HERE

I had an unused Walmart giftcard, and I searched the site for any unique items to buy.

I found this extremely cool Rock N Roll tote bag for only $5.75. It was an item on their site that was on sale. It is a rather smaller tote bag that can possibly hold my lunch, but not too many bigger objects. The bag has very strong material, so I definitely know this will last for a long time. I absolutely love the colors of the bag. I am a former musician that use to play guitar, drums, and piano. So, I was super lucky to find this on sale! Definitely a must buy!

You can buy this item HERE

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