Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sponsored Post: Funky Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses Review

I finally received my order from They were kind enough to allow me to review one of their products.
Spooky Eyes based  in the UK specializes in crazy, natural and Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Stocking over 500 designs for many different occasions and amazing low prices.
Great to change your eye color, or to enhance your look. From natural green and blue, to Sparkle and party colors, and some amazing Halloween lenses to die for!
The contact lenses come in a box that is labeled Dream Eyes.

Once you open the Dream Eyes box, there are two items that contains the contact lenses.

This is what the items look when you flip them over. You can see the Funky Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses that are Red and Black.

You might have to purchase your own contact lenses holder because this order didn't come with one.

Inside of the box it gives the proper instructions on how to insert and take care of your lenses. You can also find that information on their site HERE

I wanted to pick the oddest contact lenses that they had on their store to review. I picked the Funky Red Cat Eye Lenses. My eyes are naturally brown, but it is hard to tell when I am wearing these red and black lenses. I do have to say the lenses aren't as light as the typical lenses. I did have an issue with putting them in and taking them out, since they weren't as light. That's the only real issue I had with the lenses. I had no comfort issues, since I had them in my eyes for 8 hours straight. I definitely will use these for cosplay. 
Here's a close-up of  my Funky Red Cat Eye Lenses

You can buy these contact lenses at the link down below:

Funky Red Cat Eye Contact Lenses

Free Shipping Available
In Stock
Usually dispatched in 24 hours

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