Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Store-Indya Product Review!!!!

I would like to thank Store-Indiya for allowing me to review some of their items from their store! You can find there store HERE

Very beautiful handcrafted jewelry box! It is made of hued timber Indian Rosewood and a lovely brass design on the top of the box You can store many different items in this box. I actually placed some of my smaller collectibles in this box. I love the brass latch on the front of the box, and on the outer edges. This is a very high quality handcrafted item to own The box is 7 inches in length, and 4 inches in height. This is definitely a must buy item.

You can buy this item HERE

Rustic Hand Carved Wooden Jewelry Chest (8 x 3) Decorative Keepsake Box with Elephant Brass Inlay (Home)

Elegant! This is a beautiful/unique jewelry box to own. It is handmade and well made. You can hold quite a lot of jewelry items in this box. I tend to place my high quality necklaces and earrings in this box! It has a latch on the front that will allow the items within the box.....to stay in the box! I love the elephant theme along side the box and on top The wood is very hard and sturdy. Very high quality box and well crafted!

You can buy this item HERE

I own so many incense sticks/cones, and I usually keep them in the original package, which makes it super difficult to take out incense sticks and cones individually.I have to say this is a great storage box to place in my incense. I just open the top and it display all of the incense, and I can just easily reach in and grab a couple I absolutely love the brass elephant design through the from of the incense box. I love the hard sturdy dark brown wood and the beautiful design on the top. The only flaw I see on this item is that one of the brass elephants isn't completely painted and looks slightly faded. Overall this item is very elegant, unique, and high quality.

You can buy this item HERE

This is an absolutely beautiful box! It looks exactly like the picture. It has very amazing details on the box It is a beautiful brown wooden color with light brown details and small mirror like circles.The box is almost as long as a 12 inch ruler. The box can hold semi-smaller items like pens, pencils, watches, small jewelry and smaller keepsake items.

The only flaw I can think about this box is that I wish it had some type of velvety cushion within the box. Amazing box that would make a great gift.

You can buy this item HERE


This product is a handmade massage ball. I have to say that it is not the bright green color that is showed in the photo. It is more of a darker green color. It is also handmade massage ball made out of strong rosewood material, It fits perfectly in my hand, and it is not too big or too small. The ball is 2.5 inches in length, and 2 inches in width.

I was worried that the wooden spikes would hurt, but they aren't painful at all. It is actually quite relaxing. I do a lot of yoga and I use this product to help provide relief on areas of my body to relieve of pain. It actually works quite well. It also can be use to help blood circulation in your arms and legs, This product is a great stress reliever if you want to use on your lunch break. It fits so easily in my pocket!

You can buy this item HERE

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