Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cosplay Inshop 28 " Long Big Wavy Hair Heat Resistant Cosplay Wig (Biue) REVIEW

Hello, readers! ^_^

So, I ordered a blue wig from an Amazon seller by the name of COSPLAY INSHOP. I searched their online for a blue cosplay wig,

I used a green heart to block out my personal information! This package was oddly wrapped, and quite wrinkly. This package arrived in 3 and a half weeks. It took foreverrrrrrrr for it to arrive. I know it was shipped from China, but I have received items from China in the past that arrived very quickly.

Once I take it out of the green packaging, the blue wig is inside a clear plastic bag!

Once I take the wig out of the plastic it is rolled up in a bun. The wig did not come with a free wig cap.

I wasn't expecting a super high quality wig for the price of $8.02 with free shipping. I was reading negative and positive comments about the wig. It is definitely not for everyday use. I will be using this wig for cosplay. It is definitely not bad for the price.I wish the wig itself was a little less shiny and a tad bit shorter. 

I am not too fond of the random waves. I love the fact that this wig is heat resistant, and I am able to use my my flat iron on it to straighten it out. (will definitely do ASAP)  I will definitely buy this wig in the other colors they offer.

If you are interested in buy this wig, you can buy it HERE

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