Saturday, May 16, 2015

Studio Gear Cosmetics Makeup Review

Hello, readers! ^_^

I received a package from Studio Gear Cosmetics. They were nice enough to allow me to try out some of their products free of charge.

I have a panda over my package to cover up my personal information. The package was sent very fast so I received it in a couple of days.

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I opened the package and received these items:
*Studio Gear Makeup Bag
* Studio Gear ImpactFull Mascara
* Studio Gear Face Primer

10% off Coupon Code: KIMCHICAKES

Studio Gear Makeup Bag
The Makeup is small enough to hold things like eyeliner, lip liners, lip glosses, and other smaller items. I love that is purple, since that's my favorite color ever!

Studio Gear Impactfull Mascara
Impactfull Pro T.L.S. Mascara is a studio tested, high impact mascara that THICKENS, LENGTHENS, and SEPARATES the lashes, delivering maximum fullness and flare. Naturally derived collagen, hydrolyzed wheat protein, and antioxidants nourish and condition the lashes for added benefit.

I love the mascara because it is very easy to apply, and it doesn't go all over the place. It helps separate my lashes and makes them look long and thick.

Studio Gear Face Primer
Prime Objective Face Primer is a silicone-based face primer that not only smooths surface imperfections for an incredibly bright complexion, but it also includes rejuvenating ingredients such as retinol and milk protein 20 that condition, balance, and protect the skin from environmental stresses. Optical diffusers further enhance the complexion by lightening and brightening!

The Objective Face Primer actually helps with my complexion. I wish I had more than just the small sample size.This product comes in bigger sizes on the website. So, I do want to purchase more of this product, since it works well, and the liquid is light rather than heavy and gooey. The primer is also scentless and you don't have to worry about it having a strong chemical smell.

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