Thursday, October 22, 2015

Exposed Skincare Review

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I wanted to do a review on Exposed Skincare skin care products. They were kind enough to allow me to review their products ! ^_^

The Exposed Skincare facial products came in this lovely box! I received the products in less than a week! ^_^ Super Fast Shipping!

Exposed Skincare is a premium line of skin care products for people that want healthier skin. What makes Exposed stand out is that their products are FDA approved to help clear up your skin, but also pack in a lot of soothing natural ingredients while leaving out all the bad ingredients like sulfates and parabens.

I've been using Exposed Skincare products for the last two weeks and I have to say that this is an amazing product to use. It has a very lovely fragrance. I am an individual that tends to suffer from dry skin. I use this product during the day and night. It gives my skin a smooth refreshing feel.

The Exposed Skincare kit will probably last me a long time before they are completely empty. I only apply a small amount of each product on my skin a day. It only takes a small amount to achieve amazing skin!

You don't have to buy the complete kit, you can buy each item individually. If you want better results, it would be best to buy the complete set.

Exposed Skincare Set Includes:

1.) Clearing Tonic- 4 oz. $15.95
Clears clogged pores and returns your skin to its natural PH. The tonic rejuvenates with essential extracts and prepares your skin for the Exposed Ace Treatment Serum.

2.) Clear Pore Serum- 1.7 oz. $19.95
Clears your pores and rebalances your skin while you sleep. Natural extracts help repair damaged skin for healthy youthful look.

3.) Microderm Scrub- 1.7 oz. $30.95
Eliminates impurities while absorbing excess oil. Use 1.2 times per week to reduce skin oiliness and prevent blackheads.

4.) Acne Treatment Serum- 1.7 oz. $19.95
Formulated with advanced acne-fighting ingredients to kill bacteria and prevent breakouts.

5.) Facial Cleanser- 4oz. $19.95
A gentle yet effective cleanser that will clean your skin without over drying it. 

6.) Derma-X Cloth- 10"x10" $9.95
Deep exfoliation brings younger skin to the surface, smoothing and evening out your skin tone.

If you are interested in Exposed Skincare, you can click the link down below:

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