Friday, October 16, 2015

Free Clothing Offer from

Hello, readers! ^_^

So now I will post the instructions please follow it closely. You can get 20 dollars free in clothes with a non referral at

Or by using my link you'll get 50 dollars free in clothes. Please use a desk top computer, must be a new first time user

Go Here: Schoola

-Click on the link this takes you to their website under friend referral, In the upper right corner, click Join/Sign-In. Then create your account. This will put $15 cash into it. Click the Collection tab at the top, and at the bottom of the drop-down it says Create New Collection.
-A new screen will pop up and on the left side where you can click create a collection and select your preferences. Make sure and save the collection - this adds another 10 dollars to your account.
-Browse the website and add $50 worth of clothing to your bag/cart. Remember: the collection button has a under $5 section which will get you the most of your money.
-Once you’re ready to check out, go to your bag and input your shipping info and payment info.
 Use promo code APPORTUNITY This coupon will takes 50% the total price. Half of 50 is $25, but you have earned $25 in free credit, so it comes out free!
- FORGOT TO MENTION : that you still need to input a VCC/VDC for the $0.00 purchase,but it won't be charged at all.

People located in California or Ohio may be charged tax on their purchase, a 50 dollar order will be under 3 dollars in tax.

Your credit is good for 60 days, always check the provided description of the clothing if it says blemished it'll provide details of any flaws.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the free clothes!!!

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