Monday, August 6, 2018

How To Be A Glambassador

How Does Glambassador work?

One of the main functions of Glambassador is to connect brands with influencers. They  accomplish this by providing brands tools to find influencers who match their niche. Glambassdor operates similarly to a job bank platform where the brands are the employers and influencers are candidates. Brands have the ability to post campaigns(jobs) and their influencers bid with proposals(resumes) and budget for that specific campaign. Glambassador is free to use. They retain 20% commission on all successful campaigns however they offer premium accounts with lower commission rates and extra features.

Glambassador Profiles

Having a profile on their website allows your social media profiles/blog to show up in searches, thus giving you increased visibility and more opportunities to work with brands. Brands and Influencers are responsible for setting up terms and conditions for a campaign and that process is facilitated through our website. If selected for a campaign, the brand will transfer the agreed upon funds to Glambassador so you know it’s there. Once the campaign is completed the brand will transfer the funds over to your account.



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