Sunday, September 23, 2018

Vegan Diet for Beginners by Sam Kuma AUDIOBOOK REVIEW

Hello, readers! ^_^

I am reviewing an amazingly awesome Vegan audiobook called "VEGAN: Vegan Diets for Beginners" by Sam Kuma.

I do not consider veganism as only just a "diet", but a lifestyle choice.

I have been vegetarian for over 20 years and vegan for 2 years of my life. I must say it is very difficult to find the perfect recipes that DO NOT include any animal products.

 And going to a restaurant is a complete nightmare because you have no idea what ingredients the chef placed into your meals.

This audiobook has exactly 76 recipes to help you cook the most incredible vegan meals. If you find physically reading cookbooks tedious and dull this audiobook is for you!

This is practically a beginners' guide that will not only help you to lose weight, but also it will lower your cholesterol and save the environment.

This audiobook focuses on an 8 week diet plan that consist of ONLY vegan recipes!

This audiobook helps you discover numerous of different food options and items you can consume on a vegan diet. Definitely, a great audiobook for individuals that want to start a vegan diet and for individuals that have been vegan for a majority of their lives.

Do you want to live a healthier life? Are you curious about veganism or the vegan lifestyle? Do you want to start taking care of your body and the planet? Do you simply want to give the vegan diet a try, but don't know where to start?

This audio book will teach you everything you need to know to get started on this wondrous path!

Choose veganism! Choose this audiobook! Choose Vegan: Vegan Diet for Beginners!

You can purchase this book HERE.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Hey guys/gals please subscribe to Doug Cooke's Youtube channel. His Youtube channel is named DC Best Ever.

He started his channel about a year ago and he can’t seem to break past the 100 subscriber threshold. His goal is to reach at least 1000 subscribers so he can monetize his channel and hope he will start to get organic traffic after that. 

Most of his subject matter is food related, but he also talks about helpful tips usually related to things around the house as well as some other entertaining topics. He would eventually like for it to become a daily vlog once he gains a more substantial following. 

He also has an Instagram account to let people know about his latest video posts. 

Please subscribe to him on Youtube and Instagram.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2018


Kawaii Babe is an online boutique shop dedicated to selling harajuku fashion, fairy-kei, pastel goth, lolita, larme, cosplay, k-pop, and  j-fashion goodies for magical girls (and guys!) around the globe! Offering FREE worldwide shipping with no minimum spend, it makes finding the sweetest clothing, fashion accessories, home decor, and kawaiiness easy to find in one sweet little spot online! 
 Kawaii Babe is proudly owned and operated by a single hard-working  mother from rural Ontario (Canada), with a passion for all things kawaii, girly, and cute!  She has devoted her life to building reputable eCommerce businesses that offer superior quality products for affordable prices worldwide, with an exceptional level of personalized customer service.

Unlike most other Kawaii and Japan Fashion Shops, everyone here at Kawaii Babe speaks fluent English and can address your questions or concerns with a level of comprehension and efficiency that is unparalleled to any other shop of it's kind! You can always purchase with confidence from Kawaii Babe knowing you will be speaking to a REAL person, promptly and efficiently, without any English communication barriers whatsoever! 


Baby Bear Corset Hoodie

  • This precious brown hooded baby bear sweatshirt has so many cute details, you will feel instantly adorable!
  • With gorgeous corset lace-up arms, a cozy brown bear hood with cute little ears, and an adorable bear face across the chest, this cozy little sweater will keep you warm and kawaii as heck! 
  • Embrace your youthful side and sport this adorable hoodie everyday, especially during the cold winter months, or chilly evenings!

Baby Oil Crewneck

  • This sweet white crewneck sweaters inspired by Johnson's Baby Oil will have you embracing your baby side!
  • With soft lightweight breathable material, a vibrant print, and a flattering fit, this sweatshirt is sure to impress.
  • A great opportunity show show off your love for all things young, while being stylish! 
  • One size fits most kawaii babes size XS - Medium! Measure first to ensure the best fit!

Alien Contact Sweater

  • This unique and high quality UFO Spaceship inspired knitted crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect sweater for everyday casual wear with a cozy and unique twist! 
  • Vibrantly hand-designed artwork with exceptional attention to details, this sweater aint your momma's sweater! 
  • Beam me up scotty in the rainbow rays and make alien contact with this unique statement piece you'll want to wear every day!
  • Made only the highest quality thread with a beautiful tight knit embroidery that will keep you warm and snuggly.
  • Available in sizes small to large.

Pink Bunny Fleece Lined Coat

A truly astounding, luxuriously soft, completely fleece lined, warm and cozy winter coat fit for a princess. With incredible and intricate details such a ruched bows, and beautiful embroidery, this coat is absolutely guaranteed to score you endless compliments! This jacket comes in one size, and the measurements are given below:  
  • One Size: Length : 62cm     Bust : 94cm     Shoulder:36-38cm    Sleeve length:58cm    Cuff: 24cm

Heart Locket Choker

  • This adorable holographic lock and key choker collar  has a cute genuine metal locket with a matching key to take it on or off.
  • A unique way to show your submissive side, while being unique and incognito.
  • Make a bold fashion statement with this truly one of a kind piece.
  • Available in multiple colors.

Candy Wrapper Phone Case

  • These adorable candy wrapper inspired phone cases are sure to score you compliments and double-takes! 💖 
  • Available in pink or yellow, with a 3D style quality rubber. 
  • This 3D iPhone case will protect your phone from nasty drops or falls with shock absorbing quality rubber!
  • Easy to hold, easy to install, and easily the most kawaii case you'll own!
  • Available in most Apple iPhone models and sizes, and two cute faces: frog eyes and a full froggy walking!  

Pineapple Sandals

  • These luxury three dimensional tropical pineapple inspired pink platform sandals have utilized only the highest quality of materials for the ultimate kawaii lolita and high fashion experience! 
  • These gorgeous heeled shoes are made of quality vegan leather as a base!
  • Covered in a stunning paradise print with a genuine pineapple shapes heel!
  • Secure ankle straps makes these one of a kind heels easy to walk in.
  • Inspired by high fashion runway looks!