Thursday, November 8, 2018

Hard Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch, Build-in 20 Game Card Holders REVIEW

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I know there are tons of gamers that read my blog, So, you gals/guys will love this product!

I received this item to review from the company Soyan on Amazon. They tend to sell mostly backpacks, cases and arts/crafts.


This product is intended to be use to store a Nintendo Switch and 20 games. The case is the size of a 20 oz. bottle of soda in length. You can actually use it to hold other electronically devices too.

 I could easily use it to place my cellphone, powerbank,digital camera and usb cord within the case. 

The case is very hard and can protect the contents within to be completely damage. Also it has a lovely handle that is strong enough to not break, even with the electronically contents inside.

If you are looking for a gaming or electronically carrying case, you must buy this item!

If you are interested in this purchasing this product CLICK HERE

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