Saturday, August 3, 2019 Samples Unboxing

At PINCHme, we love to try new products before we buy them. We created PINCHme to serve as a destination for members to sample products from the worlds leading brands, for free. All we ask is that you tell us what you think.


I received an awesome package from

Pinchme is a site where you can pick out great samples based on your interests and lifestyle! 

You can receive a guaranteed box by taking a couple of quizzes OR you can pick and choose your samples on a Tuesday once a month at 12:00 in the afternoon.

I didn't sign up in time to get more samples. I've done a couple of quizzes in the past to get larger better items.

The samples usually arrive in a box with the companies name "Pinch me"on it.


Neuro Gum
Blended of natural green tea caffeine + L-theanine with brain-activating B- vitamins gives you the focus,clarity,and lasting energy to take on the world.

Hello Fresh $50 Giftcard
$25 off your first two deliveries,plus free shipping.

Nexcare bandage and 75 cents off coupon.

Free Cool Whip spoon and  Cool Whip Mix-ins Birthday Cake coupon

Free Twisted Ranch Flavor Coupon

If you are interested in free samples from Pinchme,check out the link below: