Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Yoga Class Wine Glass by AW Fashions REVIEW

Spending time with your girlfriends? Yes, the ones you have been wanting to catch up with for ages and get your brunch, movie night in, or dinner plans on the calendar! We believe our Yoga Class? I Though You Said Pour A Glass will be a great addition to a great girl’s night because it is about a great company, lots of laughs and why not a good cup or cups of wines. Impress your friends with your witty sense of humor and toast with our Be Yoga Class? I Though You Said Pour A Glass wine glass. It is funny but yet sophisticated High Quality Crystal Wine Glasses and share a good laugh with them.

What a better way to wind down after long hours at work or with the kids than a time to appreciate your favorite bottle of wine? Because we know just pure relax time is necessary for everyone. Whether you have Netflix and chill, night in with your girls, or you cook a warm supper at home a great cup of vino is a must! Our High-Quality Crystal stemless glass is very comfortable to hold and each of them have that sarcastic humor that can add to that perfect “me” time moment!

Our High-Quality Crystal Glass is also the perfect choice for your wine-obsessed boss, girlfriend, coworker, bestfriend, dad, mom, nurse, wife, sister, vino aficionado or just any birthday gifts. Give them something they won't expect! Whether they're a cat lover lady, a dog lover, an alcohol expert or just ready to drink the entire bottle, our High-Quality Crystal Wine Glass is the perfect inexpensive novelty gag present for those who enjoy a good cup of the magical liquid. Also check all our wine glass as they are also inspired for any cocktail, such a Yoga Class? I Though You Said Pour A Glass .


Hello, readers!

I received a lovely wine glass for the company AW Fashions to review on my blog!


This wine is smooth,scratch-resistant and made from lead-free crystal glass. The crystal wine glass holds up to 15 oz of liquid.

The glass is dishwasher safe. You don't have to worry about the wording on the glass being faded or peeled off.
This wine glass is a great gift for birthdays,holidays,anniversaried and other occasions.

I highly reccommend!

If you are interested in this product,check out the link below:

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