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A History of the Sikh: Volume 1 by Khushwant Singh BOOK REVIEW

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Over a year ago, I was curious about the religion Sikhism and I've read everything about it on different online sources. I decided to get several of different books on this religion from Amazon and Thriftbooks website.

So, I've been reading several books this month. I wanted to post a book I stumbled on called A History of the Sikhs:Volume 1 by Khushwant Singh.

Sikhism is a faith, a way of life, a religious philosphy and a set of practices based on belief in One God, known as Waheguru. The teachings of the ten great Gurus or teachers of the faith,starting with Guru Nanak Dev up to Guru Gobind Singh; the Adi Granth or  primary volume wjhich is revered as Guru Granth Sahib,which is also thought of as the last and eternal Guru. The word sikh is derived from Punjabi and means a disciple or learner.

A History of the Sikhs, Volume 1: 1469-1839 (Oxford India ...

A History of the Sikhs: Volume 1
 by Khushwant Singh is a great book to start to learn more about Sikh history.

The first volume of this book tells the Sikh history from 1469-1839. It speaks of the social,religious and political issues of the 15th century. The author speaks of the formation of the Sikh faith and the compilation of its sacred scriptures. It also discusses about different sects of Sikhism. And mentions all 10 of the gurus.

All true Sikhs are prohibited from the following: cutting hair, intoxication,adultery,blind spirtuality,material obsession,sacrifice creatures, non-family oriented living,worthless talk,no priestly class,premartial sexual relations and eating meat killed in a ritualistic manner.

There are several interesting photos in this book. I saw a great photo of Maharaja Ranjit Singh with his wife that happens to be Muslim. Ranjit Singh was the leader of the Sikh Empire,which ruled the Indian subcontient in the early half of the 19th centure. My favorite photo in the book is of Harimandir (The Golden Temple) which means the house of God. Harimandir is the holiest gurdwara(Sikh holy place) which is located in Amristar,India. It was founded by both Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan.

This book is around 368 pages long. It didn't take me long to get through.

I enjoyed this book greatly. I will definitely read volume 2 in the future.

I highly reccommend this book!

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