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Chinese tea has a long, extensive and profound history. As well-known, Chinese tea culture has swept the world for so many years. Chinese tea is unique in taste and fresh in smell, also working great on regulating the healthy development of body functions. There are so many people all over the world love to drink Chinese tea. People drink Chinese tea as an indispensable part in their daily lives. Moreover, high-quality tea is also used as a decent gift for first choice.

We dedicate to finding a wide range of high quality teas in China, providing high quality and services to customers around the world with good tea and services. You would find your tea you wanted here. Welcome to be our Chinesetea4u customer. We feel pleasure to offer our products and service to you.

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Chinesetea4u is a company that sells many different types of authentic Chinese teas. The Oolong teas are great to drink for weight loss.

Oriental Beauty Baihao Oolong Tea

Oriental Beauty Tea is Taiwan’s unique famous tea. It is the most heavily fermented tea in semi-fermented green tea. Its fermentation degree is 60% in general and 75-85% in some cases. Therefore, it does not produce any cyanine odor and is not bitter or astringent. Major producers are in the area of Hsinchu and Miaopiao in Taiwan. The origin of Oriental Beauty Tea’s name is reported to be that British tea merchants dedicated tea to Queen Victoria Huang’s clarified color and mellow and sweet taste, which made her praise endlessly. Since it came from Oriental Formosa, they named it “Oriental Beauty Tea

Tieluohan Super Oolong Tea

Tieluohan tea, an Oolong tea, was originated in the Qing and Qianlong dynasties, and produced in Wu Yi Mountain, a famous mountain in the south-east of wonders in northern Fujian. It mainly distributes in the inner mountains of Wu Yi Mountain (Rock Monutain) and grows in rock crevices. Tieluohan has tight outline, green-brown and fresh color. After brewing, the soup is orange-yellow and bright. The leaves are red and green. Typical leaves have the aesthetic feeling of green-leaf-red edge.
Its products are mainly made by sun-drying, cool-green, making-green, fried-green, initial kneading, re-fried, re-kneading, water-roasting, winnowing, cooling, picking, re-roasting, re-winnowing and filling fire. It has a mellow taste, amber soup color, clear and transparent, soft, bright and elastic bottom, and natural stretching. 

Ginseng Oolong Tea

"Langui People” is the general name of ginseng Oolong tea, which belongs to Kung Fu tea. Because of its tasteful name, it is widely used in tea industry. Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong Tea (Langui People) has a delicate fragrance at the entrance, a rich lingual base, and an endless aftertaste. It is also sweet to drink even boiled water. Such a delightful Taiwan ginseng oolong is not only liked by girls, but also by men, women and children. This ginseng oolong tea granule is large, uniform in size, smooth, round, compact, full and with dark green color. Each grain is refined oolong tea after fine screening, so it has exquisite appearance, beautiful, good taste, and endless aftertaste, which is known as “the first beauty in the tea industry”!

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