Monday, May 4, 2020

Visual Artists: Betty and Rose Refour Artwork

We offer an eclectic assortment of Original Art, Note Cards, and Jewelry, by visual artists and sisters Betty and Rose Refour.
Sisters, Betty and Rose began drawing as children. Betty enjoyed rendering geometric shapes, while Rose enjoyed rendering, purple flowers, abstracts, and women smoking. Rose became obsessed with smoking after watching her maternal grandfather and uncle, smoke.

Rose has autism, and has done numerous group shows around the country.  She had the opportunity to do a show in London during Autism Awareness month, in 2014. Betty obtained a degree in Fashion Design, and has shown her work in solo, and group shows in Dallas, and Oklahoma City. They have only recently began to show their work together.

Having lost their mother, and both grandmothers to cancer, the sisters donate a percentage of proceeds to charities that support cancer, and autism.


I received some lovely artwork from Betty and Rose Refour. All of the art works are originally designed.

They sell an assortments of Original Art, Note Cards, and Jewelry.

A percentage of the proceeds goes to charities that support cancer, and autism.

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