Friday, August 27, 2021

Why am I Sikh? Why do I want to marry a Sikh man?


So, I was a practicing Buddhist for a majority of my life. I've been aware of Sikhism and the belief system behind it. A couple of years I started reading more in depth about Sikhism. I attended a couple of gurdwaras, which is considered a place of worship for Sikhs. Just reading the rich history and culture of these brave men that martyred themselves for the sake of there religion made me quite interested. I converted instantly after reading these stories and how brave these men are. They do so many selfless acts,which is known as seva.

I've only told two people I know about my conversion and they found it quite interesting. They found it even more interesting that I want to marry a Sikh man. Ive been striving to learn more about the culture and the Punjabi language. I even was taught how to make samsosas,pakoray and chappattis at my local gurdwara.

I feel highly attracted to men that wear turbans and have long beard. I think they look wise and extremely handsome. I want to marry an Amritdhari Sikh man, even though that may sound impossible. An Amritdhari Sikh follows the 5 K's and are completely devoted to the Gurus and Waheguru ji.

I would have never thought years ago I would be following this path or wanting to marry Sardar ji Sikh man. I really hope I'll marry one in the next couple of years or so.

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